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Encouraging and caring

"I'll take this opportunity now to thank each and every one of you at Snowline Academy for working with my student and seeing them through what has been an incredibly difficult two and a half years. Without SA, my student would've had to have gone to a charter school, and I doubt very highly that they would've been as patient and understanding as you all have been.

Thanks so very, very much for your encouragement and caring."

Jessica- Snowline Academy Parent

A schedule that works around me
"Snowline Academy makes my life a whole lot easier for many reasons. One, being the fact that it has a schedule that works around me rather than me working around a school schedule. It makes it easy for me to juggle basketball and my classes and still have time to sleep!! The teachers are great and are willing to work with me whenever I need extra help which is more than amazing" :) 
Isabella 11th grade
One-on-one learning
"Snowline Academy gives me one-on-one learning. I am learning more than I did in a class of 33 kids."
Peyton 3rd grade
Lots of examples and videos
"I like it better than regular school because you get lots of examples and videos."
Celest 7th grade
I really belong
"I feel like I'm somewhere I really belong. The kids are smart, unique, and creative. You never get bullied.”
Ellora 3rd grade
An opportunity like no other
Snowline Academy was an opportunity like no other. I was traveling the western region to show my horses and was constantly missing classes and getting behind. The virtual classrooms were a life saver! I was able to keep up on my school work and continue to show my horses. Not only does the program encourage time management, it also prepares you for college! The teachers at Snowline Academy are absolutely amazing!! They always make time for you if you need them."
Kaitlyn 12th grade
Love the Snowline Academy school staff
"I really love the Snowline Academy school staff, they are always ready to help us in any subject we need help in."
Renee (parent)
I get to go to school...I get to stay at home too
"I like that I get to go to school and make friends while learning. It is also nice because I get to stay at home and learn too. I Love Mrs. Garner, she is a great teacher!"
Madi 7th grade
The staff and teachers are what make Snowline Academy so special
"My wife and I think the staff and teachers are what make Snowline Academy so special. The teachers really want the children to enjoy learning.  The staff is helpful and understanding of the needs of the children and parents. I would not choose any other school for my three children."
Cynthia and John (parents)
There's lots of hands-on
"I like the flexibility because all of my work is due on Mondays.  You can always get more information on the computer. And there's lots of hands on with the teacher."
Kassidy 6th grade
It's everything I could ever want
"I love Snowline Academy because it's everything I could ever want. It's a great place to learn. Spanish is my favorite subject. I made a best friend at school. Snowline Academy is great!"
Spencer 2nd grade
The best school
"Snowline Academy is the best school I have been to. I love my teacher and my school days."
Sara 4th grade