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Snowline Academy - Where your child comes first

We are currently enrolling students for the 2022-2023 school year.   
Please contact our office at  (760) 868-5400 for more information.
We look forward to working with your family!

Why choose Snowline Academy?

Families around the country choose homeschool education for many different reasons, but the most common is a desire to for a flexible, personalized education for their child. For many students, Snowline Academy provides an excellent alternative to the traditional school environment.

What We Offer:

  • A high quality, tuition-free education
  • Support from passionate, experienced, professional teachers
  • Flexible schedules with an individualized approach to learning
  • Ability to participate in the extra curricular activities at local neighborhood schools
  • Strong student family partnerships
  • Small on-site classes and tutoring
  • Accelerated and remediation programs
  • Online classes
  • Snowline School District support services
Our Mission

Snowline Academy’s mission is to empower students through the use of an individualized learning approach that fosters both academic success and personal development.

Snowline Academy's Core Values

Interdependent Team

We provide a supportive, honest, interdependent working environment that values both collaboration and accountability.

High Quality Learning

We offer high quality learning with an individualized approach.


We promote an ethical environment that is dedicated to the highest level of integrity.

Purposeful Flexibility

We are flexible while maintaining standards and expectations for learning.


We are committed to building strong, supportive relationships with our students, families and community.


We provide frequent, ongoing communications to ensure student success.

Safe Environment

We create a physically and emotionally safe environment for all.

Involved Parents/Guardians Ensure Success

Involved parents and guardians play a vital role in the success of their student at Snowline Academy. They monitor the student’s daily activities, encourage progress, and communicate with the student’s teacher to ensure the student stays on track.  The parent/guardian is the Learning Coach for younger students, while certificated teachers plan, grade and monitor student progress for all grade levels.